Germination of cannabis seeds using the Sanchez method

It is recommended to germinate cannabis seeds before planting them outdoors or in a pot. This is necessary in order to achieve the highest possible germination of the seeds. Germination is a very important process and it has a major influence on the number of healthy plants. That is why it is important to pay special attention to this process.

What do I need to know about hemp seed?
Biologically speaking, a seed is the fruit of a female pollinated cannabis plant.

In appearance, a cannabis seed is a small nut with a smooth shell. The color of the seed is most often grayish green, but there are also brown and even black specimens.

Underneath the seed coat is an embryo in anabiosis, which comes to life if the right conditions are created for it. Inside the seed are fats, proteins, enzymes, and carbohydrates, which are necessary for the beginning of sprout formation.

The start of seed development
In order for the seed to sprout, three important conditions must be provided:

Warmth. The optimal temperature for germination ranges from 25 to 30ºC.
Water. It must be passed through a filter. The use of running water from the tap is unacceptable – it contains a lot of chlorine and other impurities, which will adversely affect the process of sprouting.
Contact with air of high humidity.
Variety of germination methods
There are many ways to sprout cannabis seeds, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.

The most popular are:

Germination in peat pellets;
Germination in paper towels/cloths;
Soaking in a cup of water;
Sanchez method – germination in foam sponges.
In this article we will describe a very simple, but very efficient germination method which was named after its originator “D. Sanches.

Advantages of the Sanches method
Cheapness. The method requires practically no expenses. The main thing you need is quality cannabis seeds;
Efficiency. With this method the seeds give very good germination results;
Speed. The seeds germinate very quickly – this enables impatient growers to get sprouts literally within a day;
Simplicity. The method does not require time and effort. All the steps are very easy – even an inexperienced beginner can do it.

Step 1 – stock up on seeds and supplies

The first thing to do is to prepare everything you need to start germinating. Nothing complicated and expensive, because, as mentioned earlier, the Sanchez method does not require a lot of money. So, you will need:

Regular household dishwashing sponges. You can buy them at any supermarket or hardware store;
An ordinary Zip-lock bag with an airtight closure. Instead of a bag, you can use a simple small food container. It is important that it has a sealable lid;
Water. You can use purchased drinking water or filter it yourself.
Cannabis seeds. Whether you choose an autoflowering or photoperiodic variety, a regular or feminized cannabis seed, it is important to pay attention to the color and shape of the seed when germinating it. It should not show any external damage or deformations.

Step 2 – “sandwich”

In household sponges, it is advisable to remove the hard part, if any.
Sponges with the hard part removed should be abundantly soaked in warm filtered water, and the excess water slightly squeezed out. The water temperature should not be less than 28ºC.
Prepared marijuana seeds are placed between two wet sponges and a kind of “sandwich” is obtained. In this way, the seeds will get the right amount of moisture – without too much or too little.
Put the whole structure in a Zip-lock bag or food container.
Before closing the bag or container, you need to fill your lungs with air and exhale it into the container.

Step 3 – Putting it in the right conditions

We wrap the bag/container with the “sandwich” around any thick cloth, such as a towel, and place it in a dry, warm place. It is important that no light gets to the seeds. The ideal place, which can be found in any apartment, is under the radiator.

If you already have a working grow box with a temperature of 25 to 30 degrees you can hang a bag of seeds underneath its ceiling.

This will put the seeds in a space, where there is humid and warm air. These are ideal conditions for awakening the new life. In this form they should be left for some time.

Step 4 – be patient

How long does one have to wait? The answer to this question depends a lot on the variety of cannabis. The Sanchez method involves germinating as quickly as possible. It should take at least 12 hours, but it is better to wait a day. As a rule, after 24 hours, you can already evaluate the result. For some varieties, you may need a little more time, up to several days.

While you wait, complex biochemical reactions will occur in the seed. If done correctly, the seed nut will swell, the smooth peel will crack and a white sprout tail will appear.

That’s it! Germination is complete. Now you need to transplant the marijuana into an open ground or pot. It’s important to remember to put the seeds with their white tails down, not up.

Once you have sprouted a few times with the Sanchez method you will have gained experience and will be able to do it with your eyes closed!

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