How to dry a cannabis crop quickly

In order to get tasty, strong buds, you not only need to grow them, but also to dry them properly. The best place to dry your cannabis buds is in a dark, well-ventilated room with a constant temperature of 18-22˚C and a humidity of 45-55%. Deviations from these norms can lead to some trouble. For example, a low temperature and high humidity can cause the cones to go mouldy. At the same time, high temperature in combination with low humidity may speed up the process, but it will have a negative impact on the taste of the final product.

A grow box is an excellent solution to this problem, but it will not be possible to start a new cycle before the completion of drying. So it is possible to carry out drying in another place, which will also fit all the necessary parameters. Usually this process takes 7-15 days, and if done correctly – cones will have a good effect, as well as taste and aroma.

How to speed up the drying process
Often there are situations when it is necessary to carry out the drying as quickly as possible, trying to affect the quality as little as possible. In most cases this cannot be avoided unless you make a high quality living extract (also called wax, amber or honey) from fresh inflorescences. But this would require special conditions and devices. All other methods associated directly with accelerated drying are bound to affect the flavor, aroma, and, of course, the potency of the cannabis. If the grower does face the task of quick drying, there are several common methods that can be resorted to.

Drying in a paper bag

One of the easiest methods, especially for a small number of buds, is to dry them using a paper bag. Place a few buds in a paper bag and leave the whole thing in a dark, cool place. The paper will accelerate the drying process, so you can bring the buds to the desired state of readiness in 5-7 days.

A dry and warm room

Drying cones at a higher temperature and lower humidity speeds up the process. A room such as a boiler room is ideal for this. The cones can be hung on a stretched line or rope in a dry and warm space and in 3-5 days they will be completely ready.

Advanced drying in a bag

The paper bag method can be supplemented with a source of heat or blowing: in this case you can reduce the time given to this process to a few days or even hours. The bag with cones can be placed in front of a computer cooler blowing warm air, or you can put it near a heat source, such as a radiator. Also, in dry weather, you can hang the bag in the sun in a well-ventilated place, or put it between stones heated in the sun.

Oven or microwave

These are probably the most extreme measures to which it is strongly advised not to resort. Oven and microwave drying can dry the buds in a matter of minutes, but the heat destroys most of the terpenes and cannabinoids, so virtually all of the buds’ valuable properties will be lost.

Smooth drying is the best.
In any case, the smoother the drying process, the better the preservation of all the useful properties of the cones. Therefore, it is better to think carefully before using a particular method. Best of all is to have patience and wait 10-15 days for the right drying time, after which you will enjoy a wonderful bouquet of tastes and smells from the cones and the full effect of cannabis.

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