How to help a Marijuana Sprout lose a hard hat

Sometimes it happens that the sprouted shoots of cannabis do not shed their seed shells for a long time. As a result, the sprout begins to stretch up more and more, and new foliage does not appear. This significantly slows down the development of bushes and can become a real problem when growing. They will grow very elongated, which will make them uncomfortable in a limited free space, and will also bring a lot of inconvenience to grover. Plus, this will negatively affect the yield of cannabis. Doctors who give out maine medical marijuana card online

In order for the development of the plant to take place correctly, it is necessary to remove the shell from the hemp sprout 5-7 days after its appearance from the ground. You can also take preventive measures in advance, which will significantly increase the chances of self-dumping the shell. To do this,

it is necessary to plant the seed deeper into the ground (at least 1-1. 5 cm) and sprinkle it with ordinary sand on top. Its loose structure will help the

sprout to drop the “helmet”, simplifying its germination. The plant will switch to the development of foliage faster, spending less vital energy on passing through the ground.

If the hemp sprout has not shed its shell on its own 7 days after germination, then it is necessary to resort to forced removal. There are two ways to do this.

How to remove the shell from a hemp sprout

1 method

The first method is simpler and more natural. First, it is better to try to remove the shell with its help, and only then, if it does not help, resort to the second one.

Take some water and wet your finger. Lower it down so that a drop forms at the tip – it must be carefully “put” on the shell. To do this, simply touch its surface with a drop. Due to the force of surface tension, the liquid will not flow down, but will remain on the surface of the”helmet”. The water will gradually soften it, helping to break away from the sprout. This usually requires waiting 10-15 minutes, but it may take more time. It is possible that the leaves located inside will independently throw it off a few minutes after soaking. Everything is individual here.

If after the first attempt, the shell can not be easily removed with your fingers, then you need to repeat the procedure until it is completely soaked. The main thing here is not to rush, because the sprout can be easily damaged. If after 4 soaking ,the “helmet” still does not come off, then proceed to the second method.

Method 2

For the second method, you will need two needles. They need to be carefully inserted between the two halves of the pre-soaked shell and the germ leaves, and then diluted in different directions, revealing the hemp seed. This should be done carefully and slowly, so as not to damage the embryo or pull the sprout out of the soil. It is best to hold the rastishka with a free finger, trying to leave it as motionless as possible.

The method may seem trivial, but its complexity may surprise you unpleasantly. One sharp wrong movement, and the sprout will easily pull out of the ground or get physical damage. Therefore, it is necessary to show maximum tolerance and accuracy.

If only the leaves are damaged during the removal process, then the situation will not be fatal, since the plant will quickly grow new ones. But if the cannabis sprout is pulled out of the soil, it will lead to a more serious problem. Its newly formed cannabis roots will be damaged, because of which, at best, the development of the bush will lag behind for 1-2 weeks, and at worst, it will die. If possible, it is better to try to remove the shell from the hemp sprout with outside help. One person should firmly hold the leg of the plant, and the second-remove the “helmet”.

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