Marijuana AK 47 and its hybrids

Sometimes the results of breeders’ experiments to breed new hybrids are so successful that they themselves become the basis for further variations. One such case is the legendary variety AK-47 from Serious Seeds. Introduced to the general public in 1992, it has been on the front lines of the world canna rating ever since. For almost thirty years now it has been a favorite of growers of all experience levels and a parent to numerous new hybrids.

A little history of the creation of the legend
The marijuana variety with the loud and actually aptly named AK-47 was originally a daring venture that ended in triumph. The legendary “Kalashnikov” is the result of an intricate crossing of as many as four different landraces collected by breeders around the world: three sativas from Mexico, Colombia and Thailand were joined by an Afghan indica.

Of course the hybrid is sativa-dominant (65% sativa vs. 35% indica), although it gets its best qualities from the indica as well, such as a short stature (up to 100-150 cm even in outdoors, dense and full bush, high yield, resinous plant, strong immunity and incredible vitality. This cannabis sativa has superlative effects which are uplifting, enlightening, joyful, stress-relieving and slightly relaxing without making you feel stiff or drowsy. And all this in a cloud of smoke with excellent citrus and berry notes in a rich skunk chord.

That’s exactly the description of the AK-47 variety. What does the Kalashnikov assault rifle have to do with it? What makes cannabis and weapons similar is their dependability, their ability to survive under any conditions, and also the power of the effect, which is determined by a high THC level and a very low CBD. This, however, does not rob cannabis of its medical potential. In particular, medical professionals in Europe have noted the positive effect of AK-47 for chronic pain, as an antiemetic in chemotherapy and as a safe anti-depressant. A single “shot” (in the most peaceful sense) is sometimes enough to achieve the desired result.

AK-47 – the champion variety
This cannabis is a prime example of breeders hitting the bull’s-eye. Since it’s founding in 1992 it has gone on to win 27 different awards, prizes and prizes. More than once Serious Seeds’ AK-47 fem has been voted the best for indor, it has also been praised for its high characteristics as an outdoorsy variety, as a variety ideal for organic grovelling. It can grow in soil, substrate, and hydroponics.

AK-47 has such strong dominant genes that it passes on its best traits to its progeny, hybrids based on it, which are also noted for awards. Virtually every seedbank has varieties based on or using AK-47 genetics in its assortment.

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Growing the AK-47 variety
Beginners and pros alike note the strong genetic immunity and how eagerly AK-47 tends to reach its potential with minimal help. And all this despite the fact that the more capricious and demanding sativa dominates the genes. But this is not about the unsinkable AK-47.

For a sativa hybrid, it blooms very quickly: in just 8-9 weeks. This means that the grower-indorist may well manage 3-3.5 months from seed to harvests, while harvesting 350-600 grams of fragrant inflorescences per square meter. In out, the crop ripens in the second half of October, which, of course, makes it difficult outdoors at latitudes above 42-43 degrees because of the first cold, although the variety is resistant to a little cold, thanks to the genes of afghans.

Otherwise AK-47 is not capricious and doesn’t have any special requirements for growing conditions and grower qualification. It adapts perfectly, being ready to forgive many mistakes in care. Natural immunity protects the bushes from fungus, mold, pests and a number of common diseases. Just feed and water as directed and that’s it. The variety also responds well to training.

The only problem may perhaps be the intense fragrance exuded at flowering, especially in the indora. The fragrance is very eloquent, so it can’t be confused with anything else nearby.

What seeds of AK-47 can I buy today?
The authors of the masterpiece today offer feminized (which makes it possible to get exclusively female plants and thereby increase the yield) AK-47 seeds in photoperiod and autoflowering variants. In doing so, growers claim strong genetics and stabilization that resist hermaphrodites among the plants. In order for “girls” to give male flowers, you need to try hard, strongly demanding plants. If you follow all the simple recommendations and conditions, 100% strong and beautiful female plants are guaranteed.

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