The best autoflowering varieties of marijuana

Since their introduction, autoflowering strains and massachusetts medical card have taken over the cannabis market and have become one of the best selling and most talked about strains in the world. Their independence of the photoperiod, unpretentiousness in care, resistance to negative environmental factors and quick life cycle are loved by everyone without exception. There is hardly a single gardener in the world who has not planted an awn.

In this article, we have collected only the best autoflowering marijuana varieties available in our online store.

Hallucinogenic Power

The LSD-25 auto fem cannabis variety from FastBuds is an unpretentious and hardy plant that will be a fixture in any greenhouse. Closer to harvest, it turns purple with dense, resinous racemes dotted with snow-white THC crystals. They glisten in the sunlight, brightly colored like diamonds. The THC content of these buds is between 21 and 23%, giving the buds a killer, multi-faceted high which is often accompanied by visual hallucinations.

Unpretentious and productive

FastBuds’ Green Crack auto fem is a fast, unpretentious grower with a yield of up to 650 grams per m2. It is ideal for small grow boxes, because its growth does not exceed the 90 cm mark. The lifecycle of an aptic lasts 56 days. The buds have a unique tropical flavor, with distinct mango, spice and citrus notes. They contain 20% THC and have a powerful uplifting effect, perfect for daytime use.

Euphoric High

Automaria II fem cannabis from Paradise Seeds is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its life cycle is about 70 days. During its flowering period, it fills the entire surrounding area with a flowery, fruity scent that lifts your spirits in no time. This plant can reach a height of 70-100cm and can yield up to 450g/m2. The THC content of the final product is 15-18%. It has a strong uplifting effect, generally referred to as a euphoric high.

The union of two legends

Grass-O-Matic’s Auto AK fem is a cross between the legendary AK-47 and the world’s first automatic Lowryder. The hybrid is known for its unpretentiousness and decent performance. It grows 50-70 cm tall and yields 40 to 80 grams of finished product with a THC concentration of 13-15%. Its cones have a sweet fruity aroma and a delicate lemon flavor. They bring a bright heady euphoria, which slowly flows into a relaxing body and mind stone.

Always current classics

Pyramid Seeds’ Auto White Widow fem has been on the top of the Cidbanks’ sales lists for years. Its older counterpart, the photoperiodic variety of the same name, has long ago taken a place of honor in the Cannabis Hall of Fame. The autoflowering variation is inferior to it only in yield. It is known for its unpretentiousness in cultivation, high level of resistance to unfavorable environmental factors and quick life cycle of 50-70 days. Its cones have a tart, woody flavor with notes of pine and earth. They contain 15% THC and have a pleasant, measured effect, bringing a feeling of happiness and euphoria.

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